Agility Classes

HDOC offers agility classes ranging from the basic to competition training for all levels. An overview of our courses is shown below. For more information Please contact Nancy Ouellette (905) 389-7873 or by email.


Clicker Agility Skills This is the foundation level of Agility. All dogs must complete this level to go on to Agility Level 1. Bring your dog the first night with a clicker, food treats, and any toys your dog like to play with. Initially we will be using a lot of food treats so do not feed your dog before class. We will cover introductory clicker training skills along with agility skills. Off leash control will be stressed. The dog will be assessed to go on to the next level.
Agility Level 1 You will introduce your dog to jumping and jump drills, tunnels and chutes, tables, weave poles (total of four), contact equipment set low to build confidence. Some handling skills will also be offered. Dogs with aggression problems or that bark and lunge at other dogs will not be allowed to continue in class. They may rejoin another session once the control problem is solved.
Agility Level 2 You will continue to build on the skills from Level 1. The rest of equipment will be introduced. Stress will be placed on the dogs' skill level on the equipment but some handling skills will also be offered.
Novice This covers handing and equipment skills needed for the Novice Level in CKC Agility. Weave poles are not stressed in this level.
Intermediate Skills for the dog and handler to compete at the Intermediate Level in CKC Agility or Novice Level in AAC Agility.
Excellent Skills for the dog and handler to compete at the Excellent Level in CKC Agility or intermediate and Masters Level in AAC Agility.